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EPIC GAMES TRAINING - Traditional Workshop for Digital Artists

TRAINING at EPIC - Anatomy teaching a 4-day traditional anatomy workshop for digital artists. Here are some interviews and photos taken at Epic during the classes.

Epic Visit! 5 days at Epic Games - It was awesome!

EPIC VISIT- We had a great 5 day trip to Epic Games to teach key creative-staff human anatomy. Held at their amazing workplace, it was awesome - Thanks guys!

Happy Halloween - Jon Neill's Amazing 2013 Pumpkin Sculpts!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - Anatomy instructor & amazing artist
Jon Neill shares new incredible pumpkin sculptures. See live movies of
Jon's mastery, also featured on GOOD DAY LA TV!

Announcing ONLY 2 weeks left on the PREORDER Special "1/2 skin & 1/2 flesh"

2 new desktop models have been created by master sculptor Andrew Cawrse, for direct side-by-side study & reference. They stand 12" tall at the perfect 7.5 head height proportion, compare left & right surface form with underlying superficial muscle. See photos of the original being painted by Andrew Cawrse
SAVE $100+ dollars > with the Pre-order discount - ENDS ON OCT.30tb 2013

Where's Waldo? - Anatomy Figure in XBox One - Quantum Break Interview

An AnatomyTools Figure was spotted by a fan in a new cool behind the scenes video, for the Xbox One game "Quantum Break" by the game developer Remedy. It's there for about 1 second, but we were delighted to be included in this amazing company's interview.

BACK IN STOCK - The sold-out 12" Version.2 Products are now back in Stock!

The 12" Skeleton, Anatomy Figure and Proportional Male Figure, are back in stock, plus new Version.1 and Version.3 fully painted figures are now available in this desktop 12" size. ORDER NOW>

Keynote speakers Evan Penny & Andrew Cawrse at Art of Anaplastology Conference president Andrew Cawrse, will be joining world famous artist Evan Penny as invited keynote speakers for the upcoming International Anaplastology Association, Annual Education Conference, held between May 8th - 11th in Nashville, TN.

Kris Costa as guest instructor for Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush

Special VFX sculptor and teacher Kris Costa, will be our guest instructor for the Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush Workshop, being held between April 4th - 7th, 2013 at the Gnomon School in Los Angeles, CA. SOLD OUT

Frank Gravatt is our guest instructor for the Level-1 Anatomy Workshop

World famous Modeler & Sculptor Frank Gravatt is our guest Instructor for the Level-1 Anatomy Workshop March Sat.9th -Wed.13th SOLD OUT