News > October 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Cool pumpkin carving timelapse & Jon Neill Work

Here’s a fun new video of Jon Neill carving the Scariest Halloween Pumpkin Ever, using wood carving tools and a carving knife for most of it. Jon has been carving pumpkin heads for a while now and this is his latest creation.


 He is also teaching a weekend sculpting workshop w/ Andrew Cawrse this Spring 2013 on “Recreating Heads in Miniature & Expressions” more>

Tabzu! - Cool new iPad / Tablet holder for digital painting, life drawing & Sculpting staff tried out prototypes this week of the new ‘Tabzu’ computer tablet holder. Thought we'd share it with you as it's designed by artists to hold both your tablet and leg comfortably while you're working, so you can sketch & design hands free. We purchased a bulk order with custom covers, for our life drawing and sculpting classes. CEO & artist, Andrew Cawrse is pictured trying out the prototype: “Awesome new accessory, it's been great to use working from the model or just drawing on the couch”. Also You can have your own artwork as custom covers, plus see The Artist Series covers, featuring vfx legend Phil Tippett's MAD GOD, Tony DiTerlizzi & Jean-Baptiste Monge.  visit their kickstarter page>